The SSS Management Services Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is designed to manage a range of alarms for buildings, equipment and people. Our team tailors a wide range of alarm handling procedures to individual client needs, including standard intruder, fire, and hold-up alarms.

  • False alarm filtering of over 90%
  • 24/7/365 service
  • Reduce reliance on manned guarding

Monitoring services model

SSS works in partnership with leading UK installers to ensure you and your property are in safe hands. With direct links to the emergency services, our operators are trained to assess each reported event and implement the necessary response. Liaison with occupants and keyholders are our standard responses to any incident. We, build escalation plans specific to specific business requirements.

The ARC is an NSI Gold, BS5979 Cat 2 accredited centre providing the very latest in digital-based IP communications technology. The facility features a revolutionary combined data platform that utilises Internet Protocol to link multiple client sites across a standard communications network. Using a current IP platform, whether it be a standalone ADSL line, business, local or wide area networks, SSS is able to offer a full range of remote monitoring and site management services, including integration with all alarm activation types, including those from building management systems and CCTV.

A universal application ensures fast access to data and images over any network in accordance with all industry, NPCC and CFOA security protocols. Our alarm receiving software displays all of the details to help us process the event. We constantly monitor the transmission path for signalling integrity. SSS operates under licence numbers: NSI 2953 and PSA 05663

Clients are able to gain real-time access to CCTV footage across multiple sites using a secure web browser, as well as benefit from visual verification of alarms and remote site monitoring. The customer log-in facility enables on line activity reports and keyholder updates to be accessed with authenticated secure access.

Our ARC also reports on out-of-hours entry to site, late opening or early closing to proactively alert clients to irregular behaviour patterns.

ARC provides the very latest in digital-based IP communications technology managing a range of remote monitoring and site management services.